Caramel Kit 50


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The benefits for you:

  • Spectacular : The caramelization is performed in front of the guests and insure an unforgetable moment. The customers will remember their experience and your restaurant.
  • Adaptable to many recipies : you can use Cookal caramelization on your crèmes brûlées, but also on cheesecakes, tarts, savoury dishes.
  • Safer : avoid blowtorch and salamender : Cookal caramelization process limits the risks of being burnt and toxicity due to butane. 
  • Simple to set up: you do not need any particular cooking knowledge to use Cookal caramelization process, it can be easily made by the serving staff.
  • Fast : you save a precious time : the cooking staff has only the mixture to prepare, during the rush hour the serving staff can take care of the caramelization in few seconds and serve it to the guests. 
  • Perfect finish: the caramelization is crunchy and flavoured with the aroma of your choice, the cream below stays cold. 
  • Many bases possible: no need to limit yourself to terracota jars, Cookal caramelization can be made inside a glass.


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